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The minds behind Calvin

Calvin Risk’s interdisciplinary team draws on cutting edge experience across commercial and technical industries.

Julian riebartsch. CEO & Co-Founder of Calvin Risk
Julian Riebartsch

CEO & Co-Founder

Syang Zhou. CTO & Co-Founder of Calvin Risk
Syang Zhou

CTO & Co-Founder

Anastasia Movcharenko; Commercial & Customer Success Lead at Calvin Risk
Anastasia Movcharenko

Commercial & Customer Success Lead

Shijing Cai; AI Researcher at Calvin Risk
Shijing Cai

AI Researcher

Johan Wouters; Head of Business Development and Sales at Calvin Risk
Johan Wouters

Head of Business Development and Sales

Stefan Karaferovic; Senior Frontend Engineer at Calvin Risk
Stefan Karaferovic

Senior Frontend Engineer

Stefan Kokov; AI Researcher & Software Engineer at Calvin Risk
Stefan Kokov

AI Researcher & Software Engineer

Shelby Carter; Business Development Intern at Calvin Risk
Shelby Carter

Business Development Intern

Todor Mihov; LLM Software Engineer at Calvin Risk
Todor Mihov

LLM Software Engineer

Maša Aleksić; Frontend Web Developer at Calvin Risk
Maša Aleksić

Frontend Engineer

Gian Lorenzo Esposito; Business Development Intern at Calvin Risk
Gian Lorenzo Esposito

Business Development Intern

Maximilian Rieder; Commercial Support & Co-Founder at Calvin Risk
Maximilian Rieder

Commercial Support & Co-Founder

Our Mission

Calvin Risk is on a mission to enable Artificial Intelligence where we are committed to create and manage trustworthy AI that is aligned with humanity.

Calvin Risk is a place where great people join their forces to create something even greater! We empower team players who are driven by passion, ownership, integrity and respect. We look for those who think like entrepreneurs and want to change the world for the sake of humanity, who thrive in excellence and have fun together - we want to go far and we want to go together with you!

Our office

...is at Bluelion in Zurich.

Calvin Risk team image
Our team

...is highly motivated.

Our community

...at ETH entrepreneur club.

Join our fast growing team

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