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Meet regulatory requirements while improving business results

Use Calvin’s trusted approach to reach and maintain compliance.

  • Achieve compliance with emerging regulations like the EU AI Act and internal governance policies
  • Benefit business use case owners by speeding up approvals
  • Export quality dashboards for reporting and audits

Explore Compliance and Reporting features

EU AI Act Obligations

Determine and meet your obligations under the EU AI Act.

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Evidence Management System (EMS)

Collect compliance data in Calvin’s trusted, integrated platform to avoid repeated manual efforts by highly qualified resources.

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Quality Dashboard

Monitor the company’s risk exposure across time and your AI portfolio. Share summary risk reports with C-suite executives and auditors.

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Risk Policies and Notifications

Set tolerance levels for minimal, limited, high, and unacceptable model risk as well as severity, and receive notifications when the risk level across the portfolio changes.

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How can Calvin Risk help me comply with the EU AI Act?

Calvin Risk's Compliance features enable organizations to identify and meet obligations under frameworks such as the EU AI Act by organizing development, deployment, and governance data in accordance with regulatory standards as well as providing tailored assessments to generate requested evidence.

How does Calvin Risk benefit business use case owners?

Our platform streamlines the approval processes for AI use cases by providing a centralized AI model inventory. This organized repository of governance data facilitates efficient review and approval workflows, afor AI initiatives 

Can Calvin Risk assist in exporting quality dashboards for reporting and audits?

Yes, Calvin's platform offers a Quality Dashboard feature that allows users to monitor risk exposure across their AI portfolio. This dashboard generates comprehensive risk reports suitable for sharing with C-suite executives and auditors, supporting transparent reporting, and audit readiness.

How can Calvin help me collect compliance data?

Calvin's EMS enables organizations to collect compliance data within a trusted, integrated platform, reducing manual efforts and resource-intensive processes. This centralized approach ensures data accuracy and consistency, minimizing the burden on highly qualified resources.

Can Calvin Risk assist me with monitoring the risks of my AI models?

Yes, our platform allows users to define risk tolerance levels (minimal, limited, high, unacceptable) and severity thresholds for AI models. Additionally, Calvin Risk provides notifications when risk levels across the AI portfolio change, enabling proactive risk management and compliance monitoring.

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