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Enabling AI by quantifying its risk

We create the most comprehensive, quantitative solutions to assess and manage the risks of AI algorithms in commercial use.

GenAI opens up dramatically novel opportunities for companies. They must deploy such capabilities but also manage the associated operational risks along the risk dimensions of performance, ethical exposure, and compliance. Calvin Risk provides a tool suite to help companies manage the value-at-risk when implementing AI solutions.

Martin Frick

Advisory Board Member at Calvin Risk

Calvin Risk’s ground-breaking capabilities to evaluate various AI risk dimensions represent a unique tool when it comes to AI investment and roll-out decisions. The thorough understanding of embedded risks is the prerequisite to make a successful and safe use of AI technology.

Dr. Markus Eugster

CEO Korean Re Switzerland, Business Angel at Calvin Risk

The age of AI has begun, and the companies that succeed in making the most of AI will be the more successful ones. Being successful also means managing the risks involved and complying with current and future regulations. Calvin has found a way to do so.

Dr. Katrin Suder

Former Federal State Secretary of Defense & Senior McKinsey Partner

The monetary quantification of model uncertainty in machine learning and AI, as for example performed by Calvin Risk, is essential for businesses to correctly evaluate and improve their AI strategy.

Prof. Josef Teichmann

Full Professor for Mathematical and Stochastic Finance at ETH Zurich

Uncertainty about the risks of deploying AI models has lead enterprises to seriously underinvest in AI, which increases the risk of being disrupted. The Calvin platform is the first universal product that is providing a solution for this problem.

Andreas Goeldi

Partner, b2venture Digital Tech Fund

Sustained innovation requires market acceptance of products. Understanding risks helps consumers to become emancipated actors in the market, overcoming reservations and accepting new technologies. This then allows further innovation.

Tarek Besold

Head of Strategic AI at DEKRA DIGITAL, Strategic Advisor at Calvin Risk

Why Calvin is your go-to tool!

We combine unmatched transparency, highest quality standards and an efficient workflow to provide our customers with the most comprehensive AI management solution possible.


Assure safe, transparent and trustworthy AI across its entire lifecycle. Quantify AI risks and create actionable insights.


Establish unique risk scores in multiple dimensions to ensure the quality of your models. Ensure the security of your application by assessing adversarial robustness.


Save time with high-quality test & monitoring standards. Achieve a higher ROI on AI projects by increasing your deployment efficiency.

Accompanying your AI journey

Artificial Intelligence is set to solve some of the world's major challenges. Yet the more we use AI the more exposed we become to new kinds of risks. We are committed to assuring safety, trustworthiness and compliance of AI algorithms by helping to manage those risks.

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Introducing Calvin

Calvin is the first platform for AI governance, risk management and compliance. We enable our customers to unleash the full potential of AI by turning knowledge of their AI risks into a competitive advantage.

AI inventory & assessment

We gather all of your models and specifications in one place, and help you to enhance your model performance by assessing technical and business KPIs.

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Incident Log

We ensure real-life monitoring and tracking of your models' behavior, and evaluate negative consequences of incidents.

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