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Hello World! Introducing Calvin Risk

Apple. Google. Nestlé. Nike. Amazon. Coca-Cola.

All these companies told compelling stories over time that grabbed our attention - and held it. Not just for a couple of seconds, but ever since. These stories repeatedly got under our skin, enlightened, entertained, and persuaded in the twinkling of an eye. As Jonathan Gottschall said:

"We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories."

And here we are - after months of long hours, take-out food, hopped up on coffee and adrenaline, and sore eyes from not having looked up from our computers- we are finally ready to tell you our story, our Calvin story.

We live in a world where technology has been impacting our lives for decades

The first telephone made actual voice communication possible. Trains, cars, and boats enabled transportation in various forms. The transmission of images through television became reality, followed by the invention of the first computer. Shortly after, the internet connected the world. And now, Artificial Intelligence is shaping our present and future significantly. Just think about it - whether you decide what series to watch tonight on Netflix, who to date on Tinder, what content is displayed for you on Instagram, or even what happens when you apply for a loan or get screened for cancer - AI is impacting all imaginable angles of our daily lives.

By introducing AI to our lives and taking humans out of the loop, AI can unleash our potential as a society to the fullest extent but bears risks at the same time. And that is why we are building Calvin Risk - we don't want society to make any tradeoffs between AI benefits and risks, but rather help to build safe, trustworthy, and transparent AI that is aligned with humanity.

The uncertainty surrounding AI is palpable across industries

Even the most sophisticated organizations are not sure how to effectively evaluate AI algorithms across the many relevant dimensions such as performance, robustness, fairness, and explainability that are key to building trustworthy AI. On top of that, many organizations have not gathered enough experience with AI-based software products to adequately understand the risks of deploying them in the market. At the same time, incidents of systemic AI failures such as Google’s low-performing and impractical eye disease identification tool or Microsoft’s famous abusive and racist chatbot have put many on guard.


Calvin Risk platform

Our risk management platform Calvin provides in-depth insights into the development and deployment of each AI algorithm built or used in an enterprise, including its qualitative and quantitative risk factors. By completing the platform's adaptive assessment, companies have access to a comprehensive overview of their AI portfolio's technical, ethical, and regulatory risks. Moreover, using Calvin, companies can continuously monitor real-life model behavior and keep track of adverse incidents and their consequences.

With that being said, Calvin Risk is on a mission to enable Artificial Intelligence and aims to be the leading force for trustworthy AI. We have surrounded ourselves with great people who join forces to create something even greater!


Anastasia Movcharenko

Commercial & Customer Success Lead

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